NOTE- We are currently inactive. a lot of players left after the EOC update

 What does Dj think today? DhruvJad: Evolution Of Combat(EOC) is a bad addition to the game, Jagex made the game much Like     WoW

News: New Members Must now give their applications on forums. they must have 1k anchovy pizzas and 50 rune sets screenshot link

on the forums for proof.[Remember: No bringing noob food ... eg, swordfish, lobsters etc..]. you will be kicked when found with this gear. 

                                                                .THE MYSTERYPKERZ.

Jad is the co-founder of the mystery player killers PVP clan after getting as much as 600 members the mystery player killers (mysterypkerz or MP) in short had to think of a clan logo on a flag, The Flag was quite attractive, it had the following properties: 1. "MP" written on the flag stating the clan's nickname covered in flames 2. th flame was bright yellow and looked like a spilled out beer, hmm.... quite interesting 3. it was surrounded by a red oval. Well...  After getting the official flag for the Mysterypkerz which costed around a million, the MP started warring the top most clans of runescape to kick of those who were occupying the first rank of the runescape high scores       

Managing the clan was the real hard work and dedication was required from the top 15 owners of the clan. The wilderness (BH in short) had to be ruled by the MP and take on the others who already had their flags hoisted there.       

Apart from pking WE the MP's also organised random events and meetings. some events were- Drop parties (having drops upto 5M.Gp(5 million gold coins), mainly these were organised by the administrators and the overseers. also the MP's did bounty hunter games, and other miscellaneous activities.       

MP ranger is our official Founder of the Mysterypkerz(MP) Clan. Co-founders are however listed in the Runescape official clan page on the website ''       

The Mysterypkerz still have to take on other clans and still have the uncompleted task of getting to the top of the Clan High-scores. MP- rank 5634, On The official runescape high scores page.

Jad remains the deputy of the undefeatable clan since 2010, spending grands of cash a day to keep the clan working and to keep their members active and have more fun in PvP. Dhruv took his army of Pkers to fight a deadly war with CD and EOS, ritual says that CD and EOS allied with the MP when they were defeated by the lead commander of the MP's. Dhruv still continues to lead the MP's and also a huge clan wars clan named CLW.TW. (C.lan W.ars   T.ake O.ver) . Dhruv holds a rank of 3852 in the runescape high scores as of December 2011.

                                                                 THE HISTORY 2009

After a year full of ups and downs, high and lows, MysteryPkerz went into the New Year wanting to put a mark on the clan world. (Jan 4th) A week prep Pkri was planned with Corruption (who at the time were ranked 2nd), after a long week of preparing and a lot of threats from Corruption, MysteryPkerz made history and pull maxed options for the first time in their life. The fight i self was a massacre and after 4 hours of destruction MysteryPkerz stand victorious with over 110 people.

The very next day MysteryPkerz set out to hunt Eternal Honour on their week prep Pk (Jan 5th), after 1 hour of fighting MysteryPkerz come out with the win. The same day promotions are made with MP Ranger, 127 level, Lord Nilitho, Pieffer and Tornado58 all being promoted to strengthen the clan. A week prep Pkri is planned with Divine Forces.

The Titans see how strong MysteryPkerz is becoming and after finding out the forums spies MysteryPkerz has they use this as an excuse to give them 'A Final Warning.' MysteryPkerz is to either kick the members at fault (Riku147777, Craigberry11 and a unknown 'Kallo5') or be punished with constant crashing (Jan 9th). MysteryPkerz ignore the threats and this same day MysteryPkerz are crowned Most Active clan and also Most Hated clan.

The next day (Jan 10th) is the day MysteryPkerz and Divine Forces had arranged their fight for. Both clans pull over 100 people and during the fight MysteryPkerz hit 135 people but as the fight started The Titans crash, MysteryPkerz and Divine Forces team up to destroy The Titans multiple times. After being sent to single Titans call upon all of their Allies to aid them in crashing, MysteryPkerz and Divine Forces agree on a draw and walk out.

A day after the disappointing fight with Divine Forces (Jan 11th) MysteryPkerz run into Corruption and a fight is planned, MysteryPkerz head into battle with 50 people while Corruption stand ready with over 70 but after just 3 hours of fighting, Corruption are cleared and MysteryPkerz end with over 90 people. The previous threats by The Titans seem laughable as their attempt to crash was a horrible fail.

The next day (Jan 13th) MysteryPkerz are out Pking and get word that The Titans are massing for them. The tension between both clans had been building and this fight was inevitable, both clans start of with 40/50 people but The Titan's numbers soon rose to 80+ as MysteryPkerz's numbers stayed around 50 until 3 hours in when they started to gain numbers. After 7 hours of fighting, after all the threats from The Titans and after all the talk MysteryPkerz amaze the clan world and defeat The Titans (then ranked 1st) and end with 70+ people.

As the days pass by MysteryPkerz started to P2P more and pick up P2P wins against RDC, KO, NB, TT, TC and ROT (ranked 2nd in P2P). MP was proved to be a force to be reckoned with in both F2P wilderness and P2P wilderness.

At this point in the middle of the month, MP stood undefeated in 2009 and was pulling 300+ options to every week prep and a good 200 options to short prep trips aswell. We were making an impact on the top 3 clans and were getting ranked between rank 1 and rank 4 due to recent wins. MP was taking on clans like ROT, DI, KO, 420 and TC in P2P, defeating all but DI on numerous occasions.

MP managed to get another weekend win against Corruption, getting MP to about rank 3. Still undefeated, MP set out to take down Divine Forces. DF were properly prepped for us and MP took 2 losses in the same day to DF, putting our undefeated spree to an end. The weekend after, MP would lose a fight vs Corruption. Losing 3 fights in a row, MP was discouraged but kept their heads high and looked for our revenge.

Nearing the end of the month (Jan 25th) MysteryPkerz hit Divine Forces on their Pk trip, with both clans around the same strength a tough battle was expected but after just 2 hours of fighting Divine Forces call of returning leaving MysteryPkerz standing strong with 100+ people ending. After this fight a week prep between both clans is agreed on to see who is the stronger of the two clans.

The next day (Jan 26th) MysteryPkerz head out to hunt Eternal Honour on a late night Pk, hearing Eternal Honour ended their Pk trip MysteryPkerz turn their attention to Chilvary Legion an Australian based clan. Both clans started with similar options but after just 1 hour of fighting MysteryPkerz defeat Chilvary Legion in their own timezone ending with 50 people.

We continued the year strong, taking down CORR, DI, EH, DF and TT for the top spots. After a huge win over The Titans (the number one clan at the time), MP was starved of fights from all the clan worlds in an attempt to take us down. This did not work, as MP just went into fights of clans we had beef with and created clusters for ourselves. Shadow Elves, Divine Forces, Corruption and numerous other clans all made an alliance in an attempt to take out MP. With DK offering to come to our aid, MP and DK took out clan after clan in these cluster fights. As the cluster fights started to get boring, getting teamed 8 v 2, MP decided to stop the clusters creating truces with all clans involved and allowed 1 v 1 fights to happen once again.

Summer arrived with MP having a ton of inactives due to vacation as DF and EOS both had a boost of new Fas and activity. As the summer went on, MP found themselves with some new and experienced officials coming from different clans. Ex EOS Warlord Empire Mind, Ex Corruption Warlords D2master12 and Lukas1400 and with the closing of DI, MP found themselves with one of the best tanks of Runescape, Radicalsurfu. With these 4 very experienced Warlords, MP looked to come out on top of the competition. There was a flow of members joining MP from clans such as Brutality and Frozen Fury along with the now dead Damage Inc. With these flow of Fas, MP found themselves with a healthy 200+ total member count and was compared to the great Dark Slayers. Questing to the top, MP found themselves fighting DF night after night coming out with victorious most of the time. As DF took a huge hit from MP their activity started to plummet and eventually, they were no longer able to compete, leaving MP with really no one to fight. With MP and DF still being on bad terms due to these constent fights, both MP and DF started to crash each other creating a crashing war. Soon after MP would find themselves fighting EOS, Corruption and DF in 3 v 1 fights in order for these clans to compete against the army of blue capes known of MysteryPkerz. As time progressed, both EOS and Corruption took huge hits from this crashing war with members leaving and being bored of the constent crashing. Corruption and EOS both asked for truces and MP found themselves fighting only DF once again. With Brutality and ROT having a rivalry in P2P, ROT decided to come to F2P to target the Brutality in MP. MP did not stand for this and started to hit ROT back during their fights due to them killing MP members and not keeping the Brutality rivalry in P2P. Soon enough, MP was back fighting 2 v 1 with DF and ROT both teaming of MP in order to get some wins. ROT started to use DDOSing methods in order to take down MP officials and MP teamspeak during fights, looking for a cheap way to win. These methods proved to be strong against MP but we never gave up. MP would use backup Teamspeaks or just call the old-fashion way ingame in order to keep organized in fights. Still today, MP is in a crashing war with both DF and ROT with neither side being ready to back down.


To Get Admission Into The Clan Please Read the rules and regulations page and strictly follow them after being invited in.

Make sure you meet the requirements before asking


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